Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Exciting News!

Happy New Year to all! I hope all of your holidays were wonderful - filled with lots of family, friends, laughter, and YUMMY food! 

I have some exciting news to share for my first post of 2010. Peter, the girls and I are happy to announce that I am expecting a baby! We are BEYOND THRILLED by the news - as ironically enough Cate and Margaret asked us at the wedding brunch where the baby was. We had told them that after we got married we would have a baby. Well, being almost 4 and 6, I guess you take things very LITERALLY! They were expecting to have a new baby brother or sister on the spot! Well, needless to say, their wishes came true, and quickly! They are so excited to be big sisters to the soon to be addition to the family. I'm due at the end of July and the little guy/gal is barely the size of a kumquat

We had Peter's immediate family over for a Chili-off, to watch football, and to share the exciting news. The girls announced it by wearing t-shirts - "Big Sister (again)" for Cate and "Future BIG Sister" for Margaret (above pic). Peter's dad was so excited that he ran home upon hearing the news to get his "Grandpa in Training" vest (above pic) that Peter's sister gave him when she announced she was pregnant with her first. 

What a great way to spend the first day of 2010! I wish all of you a wonderful year of happiness, love, and good health. 

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mep said...

Congratulations! So much more joy in store for you all! Plus, you are going to be a very hip, cute, adorable pregnant girl!

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