Friday, June 3, 2011

My Latest Obsessions

Happy Friday! The gals woke up this morning in such a great mood - and they were all about calling today FABULOUS FRIDAY! Their energy was very contagious and I have had this giddy "I'm almost done w/school" thing going on today too! M had her last program this morning and C has two more days of school next week and then SCHOOL IS OUT FOR THE SUMMER!

Sadly, JuJu and my youngest sister Carrie left this past Monday. I am still in mourning. Above is a pic of all four of us (my two sisters and JuJu) from last weekend enjoying brunch and chatting. The four of us have not been together as such in a LONG time!

Have a great weekend! Some of my latest faves...
  • OMG, this is FAB (and was forwarded to me by a friend that knows my appreciation of stationery)  = Meeble Mail, a stationery touch to email. I haven't signed on yet but will circle back when I do! In the past I have had an account with Iomoi's e-stationery.
  • Cheese = LOVE. Gwenyth just did a Goop post on all things cheese. So fun. Speaking of cheese, I was at a picnic gathering for M's class yesterday and one of the mom's put together a FAB tray of adult yumminess = Trader Joe's wasabi arugula (yes, wasabi is NEW) with some olive oil / some cracked pepper thin crackers /  Sheep's Milk feta (from Trader Joe's) / cherry tomatoes cut in half (so you assembly all the stuff together and you have a very tasty and fresh treat).
  • It is National Doughnut Day - are you a Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts fan?
  • My youngest sister sent me the book Clean and I haven't had a moment to read it yet or fully delve into the idea of eating clean. I know another friend who is working the clean program and really likes it. And then I noticed that a friend from high school was featured in an article about eating clean. Maybe it is time for me to look into it...and then of course, there is Gwenyth who has tried it! Anyone out there have any thoughts on it? Yikes...I would have to give up my MAJOR coffee intake. And I'm not sure if that (me giving up coffee) would be beneficial for our family at the moment - ha! Oh, the pros and cons...
  • When JuJu and my youngest sister were in town we stopped in Cotelac in Lincoln Park (a fave shop of my two sisters and my mom) = really pretty items! My Mom (thx JuJu!) bought me these adorable ballerina shoes (that have removable cotton laces) - so fun. They also have an e-shop. The french just get it...effortlessly chic.
  • Jason Bateman has been popping up lately here and there. He has a little 4 year old named Francesca. Love this interview with him (fave lines = When Francesca grows up, what do you hope she remembers? I hope she remembers the last half hour of each day before she goes to sleep. Talking about the highlights of her day and cuddling up and reading books before bed.I hope that as she gets older she will always be able to keep that feeling of trust with her, knowing she has a mother and father she can always run home to.
  • I am so thrilled with our wallpaper choice for our powder room and I just smile when I see it. LOVING wallpaper these days.

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Kim said...

I really liked Clean. I found it much easier to give up coffee and Coke than I thought it would be. I also found out I was holding onto a few pounds of water weight that are thankfully gone now! I didn't do the full 21 days but may try to another time...I don't do the liquid meals twice a day anymore but I do try to have at least one.

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