Friday, November 4, 2011

My Latest Obsessions

The crew Trick or Treating

Marlboro Man and Biker Babe

Happy Friday! I cannot believe we are already into NOVEMBER. Wowser. Yikes. And from now until January 1st time is going to fly by. That is always how it goes.

We had a great Halloween. C went as Dorothy and M went as a Cowgirl and little Georgie went as a Monkey. And then PFC/I went as Marlboro Man and Biker Babe on Saturday night to some costume parties. Very fun.

JuJu is in town!!!! She'll be here for 2 weeks (mostly staying at my sister's place to help w/Stephie's new little guy Graham)! She arrived last evening.

Some of my latest faves:
Have a fabulous weekend!

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