Friday, January 13, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

Pic of C and M in Fall 2008 (secrets over some Tea)

Happy Friday! Well, FINALLY we can say that we have seen some snow in Chicago. The gals and GMC seem thrilled by the snowflakes however, I could do w/o all of it - but I cannot complain as we have had a very mild winter thus far. We dusted off the snowblower this morning - fun times.

Tonight we get to see two dear college pals that are in town for the weekend and tomorrow I get to celebrate a dear high school friend's son's first birthday. And the snow has fallen just in time for C and M's first ski lesson of the season on Sunday!

This Monday we are having C and M's combined Birthday Tea Party at our house. They will be 8 and 6 years old this month - crazy! The gals CANNOT WAIT for all of their school buddies to come over for some treats / craft time / dressing up and FUN! The lovely Mrs. Newberry (of Mrs. Newberry's Traveling Tea Party) will be here w/her vintage china, delicious tea sandwiches and sparkling lemonade. We had so much fun working on the invitations for the party. After spending some time in Paper Source I walked out w/the following items = Cup and Saucer Stamp, Embossing Heat Tool (for heat embossing w/rubber stamps), VersaMark Watermark Inkpad, and some Queen's Gold Embossing Powder (which I will say does indeed look like liquid gold after heated). I used the above items to dress up the envelopes. Umm, so I'm now a bit obsessed w/embossing. I had NO idea how easy it was to do. LOVE. I holed myself up in the basement office and was totally in the zone while working on these. 

Some of my latest faves: 

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Bethany said...

Dee Dee, you're so lucky you got out to AZ. My sister lives out there. I went alone for a visit 2 years ago. The plane ride itself made me giddy. Not even for the trip (shh, don't tell my sister), but for the thrill of sitting alone. With a book. For 5 hours on the plane. I had outbursts of giggling during the flight. I was re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird at the time, so my fellow passengers thought I was off my rocker.
Oh, and I love calendars too!

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