Friday, April 11, 2014

My Latest Obsessions

GMC loving Eataly w/ 2 adorable little gals (my cousin's daughters)

Cheese bigger than GMC at Eataly

This was a little Happy Birthday shout out to my middle sister yesterday!
And who knew that it was National Siblings Day?! 

Happy Friday! And a gorgeous one to boot! OMG, might spring actually be here?! I think so. Last weekend was the first weekend in FOREVER that the kids played outside ALL day long. We found GMC passed out on the couch around 5 pm on Sunday. It was super refreshing to see them running around, riding their bikes and just enjoying the fresh air. It's been a REALLY long winter and I'm ready to say goodbye for good. I officially moved my big puffy winter coat to the basement (but note that I haven't packed it away in the attic - just in case). Good ole Chicago, you never know as it might be snowing on Easter.

My dad (Big George) and his friend B arrived in town yesterday afternoon. We haven't seen them in awhile and have been looking forward to their visit. Later today lil George and I are heading downtown with Big George and B to have lunch at the new 7th Inning Stretch (Harry Caray restaurant) and then we'll check out the Chicago Sports Museum. Both just opened up a week or so ago. Big George is a HUGE sports nut so he'll love it! Saturday evening we're getting together w/ my sister Stephie and her husband along w/ Big G and B and heading to Folklore for dinner. Fun! I haven't been to Folklore in ages!

Some of my latest faves:

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