Friday, January 9, 2015

My Latest Obsessions

The kiddos on Christmas

It's a Wonderful Life at the Music Box Theatre

A Holidate = Christmas Plaid explosion!

Happy Friday! And Happy New Year! The holidays are behind us and 2015 has been off to a COLD start. It's been freezing here all week in Chicago. The kids were off of school one day for the temps alone. It is tough not to be daydreaming of warmer temps, sunshine, and summer.

Tonight we are laying low and staying warm. Maybe some hot chocolate and a movie tonight. Tomorrow night PFC/I are heading to Topolobambo for dinner. Rick Bayless' restaurant has been on my list for a long time! I do want to see the movie Unbroken at some point. I've heard that it is pretty intense. And PFC and I are looking forward to our annual weekend trip to Milwaukee next weekend. It's always a perfect little getaway.

Stay warm. And enjoy the weekend! XO - D2

Some of my latest faves:

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Jacky Hackett said...

Love the Christmas photos! The Valentine's day card is so cute too.

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