Friday, September 23, 2011

My Latest Obsessions

Happy Friday! Fall is definitely here and according to M and C it officially started on the 23rd. Lots going on this weekend - off to a dinner party tonight and then tomorrow I'm going to see a dear friend (who is in from NYC) for lunch and then a show/dinner tomorrow PM. AND my sister's baby shower is Sunday - so excited! We have a really cute cowboy theme going.

AND, exciting NEWS - Georgie is officially a WALKER! He has been standing and walking a step here or there but yesterday he took off! The girls were cheering him on - so cute!

Some of my latest faves...

  • I used mason jars for the favors for my sister's baby shower and came across all things mason jar...!
  • Interesting article on failure being the secret to success.
  • The book Missed Connections takes classifieds from Craigslist. The author has a blog - and she illustrates various missed connections. Here is an example of one.
  • I was chatting with someone about the Happiness Project. Interesting. Gretchen Rubin spent a year test driving various theories on happiness - the result = her book The Happiness Project. I like these ten tips for being happier. On a completely superficial note these cute flats would make me happy!
  • I'm unsure how I feel about Rachel Zoe yet I find myself watching her show! She launched her own line - what did Women's Wear Daily have to say about it?
  • I'm digging Pinhole Press. I used them to make a book with pictures from our trip to Montana. It turned out awesome. I think they may be my new go to for photo books.
  • Some great coffee table books - love the colorful dictionaries. Speaking of dictionaries...M used the word chillax the other day (when describing what she and Georgie were doing). I laughed (out loud). What? Well, the word has made it to the dictionary.
  • I kind of like these galaxy nails...may need to try them!
  • Fall means new TV - I've been watching NBC's Parenthood - LOVE IT. Fun having John Ritter's son Josh back on the scene. Grandpa Braverman (Zeek) cracks me up!
  • A pretty quilt.
Have a great weekend!

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btaylor said...

Thanks for checking out my quilt! Love your blog :)

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