Friday, November 9, 2012

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GMC waiting w/ Mommy to VOTE

Thought this was pretty funny! 

Happy Friday! What a week. The election is over (finally) and to be honest I'm thrilled. I was getting tired of all the political rants back and forth (hence the funny someecard above). Pretty funny. Everyone got a kick out of GMC as we were waiting in line to vote. They all loved his hat. He put it on that morning himself. Very cute. The election made me think of the election before last. I had just met PFC that spring. M was 2 and C was 4. Wild to think about it that way since GMC is now 2. It is crazy to me that GMC is the same age as C was when her angel mom passed and he is the same age that M was when I met her. That really puts things into perspective. Life. You never know what is going to happen.

Tonight we are heading out to dinner w/ some folks for dinner and then tomorrow PM we are having some of our city friends over for some chili. YUMMY. I love Cincinnati style chili which is a bit sweeter as it has hints of cinnamon and chocolate in it (and is served over noodles). We are serving honey cornbread muffins (best corn muffin recipe I've tried), Cincinnati Turkey Chili, and this super yummy apple pie with caramel (last time I made it there was not a crumb left!). And of course we are serving the pie with vanilla bean ice cream (from our local favorite Petersen's Ice Cream).

PFC/I are still looking for an evening to sneak away to see the movie Argo. Everyone that has seen it LOVES it. Have you seen it yet?

Some of my latest faves:

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