Friday, November 2, 2012

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Happy Friday! What a week. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Wow. Here are some amazing acts of kindness during Sandy.

My mom (JuJu) just left this morning. We are so sad. She was here over a week and we had the best time w/ her. She was supposed to fly out to NYC Wednesday evening to visit our youngest sister however, due to obvious reasons she was unable to make that trip (so she stayed w/ us a few extra days).

My mom has made a tradition of coming here for Halloween the last several years. It is crazy to think that she met PFC for the first time 4 years ago during Halloween weekend (when he asked both my stepdad and mom for their blessing). I'll always laugh remembering how he approached them - in between houses trick or treating! Cute!

We had a very fun Halloween - filled with lots of candy, costumes, trick or treating, and the parade at school. C + M were thrilled w/ their costumes this year and GMC finally got into the spirit when he saw everyone else dressed up. His favorite thing to do was to "rawr" at each door when he was Trick or Treating.

Tonight we are just relaxing. Much needed. We'll be up SUPER early to take the girls to their swim meet tomorrow. We'll be pulling out of the driveway before 6 AM (yikes = a large french vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts for me). And then tomorrow evening PFC/I are heading to a party at The Bedford. FUN!

Oh, and Peter/I watched Magic Mike last Friday PM. It was good - definitely not an Oscar award winner by any means but a solid flick and great eye candy for sure. Channing Tatum can MOVE IT! I mean, seriously!!!

Some of my latest faves:

Have a great weekend! 

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