Friday, November 30, 2012

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GMC checking out some guitars w/ Daddy 

Our Graham Cracker House

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a great time up at the Lake. The kids loved running around w/ all of their cousins. LOTS of food. Speaking of food I'm kicking off the holiday season w/ a 2 day juice cleanse (from our local Juice Joint) starting Monday. Much needed! Maybe the cleanse will keep me away from all of the yummy sweets this month. I'm excited. I've never done one before. Have any of you? I'll let you know how it goes.

PFC and I had the best time celebrating our 3 year anniversary at El Ideas last Saturday. The 18 seat spot was very cool and you were literally in the kitchen. It was a very unique experience. The chef is super chill and you can tell he loves what he does.

My youngest sister was in town all of last week. She split her time between our house and our middle sister's place downtown. The kids LOVED having her stay w/ us! It was so great to spend some quality time with her and catch up. We both share of love of Law & Order: SVU - so we watched a few episodes during her stay! I miss Stabler, however, my sister does not!

The day after Thanksgiving we all got together to build our graham cracker house. We have been doing it for YEARS and YEARS. My Mom used to love doing this w/ us. She used to get SUPER detailed and even make window boxes for each of the windows. My sister Carrie (being the architect and all) designed the house and roof (via a carboard box) and the girls helped w/ the decorations.

Last night I attended an Advent Tea/Dinner. PFC's cousin was the inspirational/motivational speaker. Her speech was brilliant. She spoke about the little moments in life and the importance of friends/family and gratitude. The 400 women in the audience were in tears. She was so eloquent and poised (at age 20 mind you). I'm honored that she is in my life. I definitely left last evening's event with a lot to think about - especially as we move through the holiday season.

The kids have a lot going on this weekend. We have CMC's winter piano recital tonight and tomorrow C + M have their first ice skating lesson of the session. And then we are off to a swim meet in the afternoon. I'm hanging w/ the girls tomorrow and PFC is going to chill w/ Georgie for some one on one guy time! And then Sunday we will be getting out our Christmas decorations! FUN!

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