Friday, January 25, 2013

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Happy (SOON to be) Birthday, Margaret! You are almost 7 years old! 

One of PFC's FAB finds

Happy Friday! Whoa...WINTER is here. Am I happy about it? Truthfully, NO. But one thing I do love is the level of appreciation we (being one w/ the Chicagoans) have when spring officially hits. Once the temps rise folks start to come out of the woodwork (by dining al fresca, dusting off our flip flops, and leaving our windows open). We commiserate together in the dead of winter sipping hot chocolate by a roaring fire while wearing our UGGs and cozy sweaters and we then celebrate the spring + summer with much enthusiasm. This article on why Chicago is actually a great place to visit in the winter is great (and made me think outside of the "freezing" box).

January is our month of birthdays galore. I feel as though I've been eating cake on a daily basis. We kicked off the year w/ my birthday on the 8th and then Miss Cate's birthday was last Sunday and Margaret turns 7 (wow!) next Thursday. Time to detox on all sugar starting February 1st! Last year the gals had a combined birthday tea party bash with the lovely Mrs. Newberry at our house. She transformed our first floor in to a tea party wonderland w/ racks of dresses to dress up in. It was quite a party! The gals still talk about Mrs. Newberry and her british accent and amazing outfit. I still laugh because the gal would NOT step out of character and refused to call me by my first name. She was very good - I'll give her that for sure. So, this year we told the girls we were going to have a more chill and low key birthday. On Sunday the girls along with a friend each are heading to Moss Modern Flowers for an afternoon of garden making. Each of the gals will leave the place with their own little garden. They are SUPER excited. It will be fun to see how creative they get as the owner herself is quite an artist in her own right.

Our book club discussed the Steve Jobs' biography last evening. It was interesting to hear peoples thoughts on such a brilliant yet complex guy. We all laughed as pretty much all of us had our iPhones perched next to us throughout the evening (which is a normalcy these days, right?!). And yes, I did use the word "perched" as if my phone is a person or bird. Fortunately or unfortunately I'm attached (physically and yes, emotionally speaking) to my iPhone. Always. I have Steve Jobs to thank for that! You had me at hello for sure.

Saturday night PFC/I are excited to CHILL. It feels like we have not done so in awhile. We'll be watching the season finale of Parenthood that we DVRed and getting through some more Season 1 episodes of Homeland. OMG, I'm addicted. TRULY. FULLY. GAME ON. I GET IT. I GET THE HYPE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Homeland is why I didn't even watch the finale of Parenthood when it aired on Tuesday (as all of a sudden it was midnight and we had watched 3 more episodes of Homeland after the kids had gone to bed). I cannot believe I cheated on my beloved Braverman family. Please forgive me. Brody has taken over my world.

Oh, and last thing. I FINALLY saw PFC in his "American Pickers" element this morning. If any of you watch the show you know what I'm talking about! OMG. Hilarious. My Mom JuJu would love to see him in action as the two of them chat about antiques and finds all the time. We cut out for a bit earlier today and headed to an estate sale in town. PFC found several old vintage pictures that will be perfect above my vanity (see example of one above). Ode to the proper dressing room!

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm.
XO - D2

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