Friday, October 11, 2013

My Latest Obsessions

MMC + CMC on picture day at school

Happy Friday! We had another gorgeous fall week. Love this weather. Fingers crossed that the gorgeous weather continues in to the weekend. This weekend we have PFC's 25th Fenwick High School reunion. Yes, 25th! FUN! He has been planning away and I'm excited to see it all come together. The kids are SUPER excited to head to the football game on Saturday. Saturday evening we are meeting up w/ everyone for dinner at Skrine Chops = YUMMY!

Good luck to all the Chicago Marathon runners! This weekend always brings me back to my days of marathon training w/ my sister and some good buddies. We had a blast. However, I have yet to run again! Yikes! It was awesome but my running days were short lived.

Have a fabulous weekend! XO - D2

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