Friday, October 4, 2013

My Latest Obsessions



Happy Friday! Wow, how are we in October already?! Nuts. I'm looking forward to a chill evening tonight. The kids are excited to watch episode 2 of Master Chef Junior. My cousin's daughter Molly is on it! It has been so much fun watching her on TV! Here is a little clip. Tomorrow we'll be up bright and early for our first swim meet of the season. I'll be hanging w/ the girls while PFC is chilling w/ GMC. And then Saturday evening we have a friend's wedding celebration! Fun!

Totally looking forward to Sunday's Homeland. And it has been fun catching up w/ the Braverman family again. Love Parenthood. I've gotta say I'm not super excited for Amber and Ryan's engagement. 

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend.
XO - D2

Some of my latest faves...

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