Friday, October 18, 2013

My Latest Obsessions

The kiddos (photo taken by Alma S. Veliky)

Happy Friday! The girls are off w/ PFC this weekend for an Indian Princess Campout so it is just me and Georgie. We'll have a chill weekend. I'm hosting 2 Dailey Method classes in Oak Park for their opening weekend. And I'm looking forward to catching up w/ PFC Sunday evening and then watching Homeland. It is getting intense!

This week I was able to see a dear college friend who is in town from London. A couple of us got together for dinner at Longman & Eagle and then one night at Lula Cafe. Such great FOOD! My favorite item at Longman & Eagle was the homemade burrata. Yummy! And we all LOVED the peanut butter pie at Lula Cafe (OMG, ah-mazing)! I think it would be fun to check out one of Longman & Eagle's overnight rooms. Perfect for a guest that doesn't want to head all the way downtown but wants to be in Chicago. Logan Square is hopping for sure.

Have a fabulous weekend. XO - D2

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