Friday, February 21, 2014

My Latest Obsessions

American Pickers VAN = WAHOO! 

GMC chilling in the snow

Some of the crew skiing

Happy Friday! PFC and I are off to Milwaukee for the weekend. This will be our 6th year heading there for a weekend in February. Super excited to just chill and hang out w/o the usual hustle bustle of our weekends with the kiddos. I just reread my notes from last year's trip. I'm so glad I have those notes as we added Wolf Peach to our list for dinner on Saturday evening and I think tomorrow morning we'll head to Cafe Corazon for brunch. Who knows where we'll end up in between meals. However, I do know that I want to check out the new Pendelton shop that opened this fall in the Third Ward district. Pendelton is right near the Public Market which is really cool place to check out.

The kids are staying with some of their cousins this weekend. It has now become a tradition for the kids to stay w/ them during our Milwaukee weekend. They left for school today on cloud 9! Win win for them and us, right?!

Enjoy the weekend! XO - D2

Some of my latest faves...
  • GMC and I visited w/ a dear friend this week. She made these amazing veggie burgers from Gwenyth Paltrow's cookbook. They were SUPER yummy! 
  • We were in Galena for the long weekend and took the kids skiing. We had a blast! We had a perfect sunny day on Sunday to ski. Saturday pm we went to a cute little italian restaurant in downtown galena = Vinny Vannuchi's. The food was great and it was perfect for our large crew of families that had dinner that evening. And as we were looking for parking we spotted the American Pickers van. The kids were going nuts as they always watch the show with PFC. Unfortunately, we didn't see Mike and Frank but nonetheless it was fun to take a pic in front of their van! And here is a look at Mike Wolfe's home in Nashville. I think PFC needs to get his little sidekick GMC on Kid Pickers
  • I might have to try this Three Bean Chili Deluxe = LOVE slow cooker recipes. It sounds like it is an award winner to boot! 
  • This winter has been pretty brutal. I love curling up w/ a warm blanket and reading. Check out these cozy reading nooks. Speaking of reading, has anyone read or started Donna Tartt's book, Goldfinch? I'm super excited to dig in. Her first book, The Secret History, is one of my all time favorite books. 
  • I'm still digging our nutri-bullet. Next on my list = this Kale, Banana, Chia, Hemp Superfood Smoothie. Here are some dark leafy green recipes
  • Nutella pudding. Need I say more! 
  • I don't think I ever leave the house these days w/o my trusty Bogs. LOVE them! Both C and M have a pair too and they wear them in the snow and rain. A great investment. However, I'm so dreaming of spring and summer weather. I miss my flip flops immensely! 
  • Here's a really neat way to store some of your flatware. I LOVE mason jars. 
  • Have you ever booked a house rental via VRBO? We just booked a house in Santa Barbara for next Thanksgiving. This will be our first experience w/ VRBO. I showed the kids the house this morning and they want to head there now. I don't blame them. I really miss my flip flops! 
  • I LOVE these DIY gold salt and pepper shakers. So cute! 
  • We just picked up season 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey. I've been hearing rave reviews for some time now. Time to check it out! 
  • A friend of mine from college started a blog of their adventures living on a boat. I'm super impressed, however, this doesn't surprise me about this particular friend. She has always had such a zest for life and things that are outside the box (in a fabulous way that makes you want to let go a little more in your own life). I'm going to live vicariously through their adventures. In her last post she asked her readers when was the last time you did something that scared you. I thought about that question for awhile. I guess it would have to be when I jumped in w/ C and M. What now seems so "normal" and everyday definitely took some time to get used to. For some reason this made me think about the good ole zip car story! Wow, time has certainly flown by! 

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