Friday, March 14, 2014

My Latest Obsessions

Momma Bear (JuJu) and her 3 cubs

Happy Birthday, Carrie (my youngest sister)

Happy Friday! Wow, just when things were starting to warm up here in Chicago we were dumped with some more snow earlier in the week. This has been the never ending WINTER! However, we were all thrilled with the forecast today. Today we reached the 50s = HOORAY!

Last weekend my youngest sister Carrie and JuJu (mom) came into town. We celebrated Carrie's birthday. It is rare that all four of us are together so it was quite a treat to hang out. We had an awesome dinner at Nightwood Restaurant. I had not been there in awhile and realized how much I LOVE it. I highly recommend this restaurant, especially if you are looking for a place for a crew of 8-10. We requested their downstairs space where they put larger parties. It was quaint and quite perfect for our group. LOVE the decor there. And good food too! I highly recommend their cheeseburger (2 patties w/ 8 year aged cheddar = yummy!).

We've got a few parties here and there this weekend and then a big St. P's Day party Saturday evening. I'll be pulling out some of my green! The kiddos are heading downtown Saturday for a little sleepover w/ some of their favorite cousins. They are over the moon!

Have a fabulous weekend! XO - D2

Some of my latest faves:
  • What a cute little canvas/leather cosmetic bag! And I love that you can personalize it w/ your monogram. This would make an adorable gift. 
  • A few weeks ago the kids were w/ their cousins and both C & M came home w/ scarves (different from their full on winter scarves). They have been wearing them to school and think they are oh so grown up! I will have to share these scarf tricks w/ them. And here's a different way to wrap a floral arrangement = a scarf! 
  • Interesting article = People Can Draw Energy from Other People the Same Way Plants Do
  • So a reader of my blog approached me the other day and said that she LOVES the veggie burgers from Gwenyth Paltrow. She read that I had one a few weeks ago at a friend's house. She was raving about Paltrow's Kale Fried Rice. I think this is next on my list! 
  • Everyone LOVES Target! I'm sure many of you out there can relate to this hilarious article, Inside A Woman's Mind at Target. And speaking of Target I'm SUPER pumped for Oh Joy's Garden Party debut (this Sunday!). Maybe I'll use some of her great decorations for MMC's First Communion party in May! 
  • So, I'm heading to Vegas w/ some of my dear college gals at the beginning of May. I've NEVER been. I think I'm the last one to go. We are heading to the show, Absinthe. It is supposed to be awesome! We are trying to confirm a club for one evening and then a pool party day. I would love to hear some suggestions! 
  • Wow, Easter is soon upon us. Check out these cute Easter decorations and paper goods
  • My new fave card company = Hartland Brooklyn. Someone sent me this birthday card awhile back and I keep buying it for various friends. Love it! I love that it is hand painted in bright neons. Super cute. Here's a little interview w/ the designer. Check out her full collection here. She also has some super fun tattoos too! And when I think of Brooklyn I'm brought back to my NYC/Brooklyn visit last spring when I was able to catch up w/ my youngest sister and dear college friend. 
  • I have 2 Parenthood episodes that I NEED to catch up on! I miss my Braverman FAM! 
  • All of us gave up sweets for Lent. It's been a bit tough but that is the point, right?! The kids always look forward to a Shamrock Shake from McD's every year. I heard that Portillo's has them too. Doesn't this homemade shamrock shake look FAB? 
  • I think I might test this Broccoli, Cheddar and Wild Rice Casserole on the kids next week! 
  • Adorable tea bag bridal invitations. Love these! 
  • Lemon yellow = such a great pop of color
  • These earrings would definitely dress up any outfit! Fun! 

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