Friday, July 17, 2015

My Latest Obsessions

Father's Day = a much deserved "Dunk" donut


Grater's Ice Cream + Old Friends = the Best
(and now a stand alone store in Northbrook = more roadtrips)

Way to go, Blackhawks!!!!!!

A little Young Member Show action (and rain = of course)

Sunset at Twin Lakes = gorgeous!

A friend sent me this pic that she captured of C + G = so cute! 

Sisters - MMC + CMC 

Beck + MMC's musical, Tut Tut via Actors Garden!

Go RFTC Sharks!
Big George + Little George

Free Slurpie Day = always a hit (7-11, baby)!

The "CUP"

CMC's last meal w/ the crew before heading off to sleep away camp

GMC + MMC = Drive In Movie time!

Happy Friday! Wowser - I can't believe we are almost halfway done w/ summer. How is that even possible?! Summertime thus far in a smattering of pics above!

MMC keeps saying, "wait, this is so weird w/ just two kids at home" as CMC left for sleep away camp yesterday for 2 weeks. We're pumped to hear about CMC's experience at camp = we'll hear from her via snail mail (maybe!) and when she gets back. While no communication is tough (and so not the world we live in these days) I totally agree w/ the philosophy of "letting them go" per se - to do their own thing, gain a new level of independence w/ some distance from the home front = great article on why Kids Need to Be Away from Home! I appreciate and respect anything written/said by Dr. Michael Thompson (first heard about him when I worked at an all girls day/boarding school - The Madeira School - in Northern VA back in my early days after college!).

Speaking of camp, we checked out Simms Taback's (LOVE him!) book entitled, Postcards from Camp, from the library. The correspondence between the dad/son is absolutely hilarious and so cute. My dad (Big G!) was just here for a visit and he was telling us about his great experience at sleep away camp. I'll have to ask my Aunts more about it because I vaguely recall us as a family pulling over to check out the campgrounds on one of our summer visits out east.

We're off to cheer on MMC and the RFTC "Sharks" tomorrow morning at Swim Conference! Go SHARKS!

Cheers to a fantastic weekend!

XO - D2

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Linda said...

Lovely pictures. i like to build a blog like this.

Somerset Wedding Girl said...

Great photos, Georgie looks very cool in his shades!

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