Friday, July 29, 2016

My Latest Obsessions

Grandpa T and JuJu in Lake Geneva

The Kiddos

Cousins = TROUBLE! 

JuJu, D2, Steph (missing the youngest pup!)

Hanging w/ PFC

We had the best time catching up with JuJu and Grandpa T this past weekend in Lake Geneva to celebrate my brother in law's birthday. And super fun = we're taking off next Friday to road trip out to Montana and we get to see them again! Wahoo! Please send any book recommendations my way = on my list next week to hit up the library and our local book store. Super PUMPED to cozy up in my favorite chair at the cabin and chill w/ a good book.

Okay, I cannot believe our youngest turns 6 this weekend. How is that possible?! Gosh, I remember the day that Georgie was born like it was yesterday. Time flies. G$ is getting together w/ some of his buds for a little pool party to celebrate and then Saturday he has requested his favorite lunch = Alpine subs! I couldn't agree more. Yum!

Cheers to the last weekend in July! Enjoy.

XO - d2

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