Friday, October 7, 2016

My Latest Obsessions

Hanging out in Iowa City

Group Pic from Iowa City

Happy Friday! Wow, we're in October (time is flying). LOVE fall in Chicago. Last weekend we were at Kinnikinnick Farm and we had a blast. It was our 5th time there. Love that place. Here are some pics from our time there 2 years ago. And then over Labor Day weekend we went to University of Iowa w/ a bunch of friends. Best time. I experienced my first big 10 football game = crazy! Love Iowa City. What a great little town.

Cheers to the weekend ahead. PFC and G$ are heading out to an Indian Guides campout weekend. The gals are heading downtown to hang w/ one of their favorite aunts. And I'm heading to Denver for a little Beautycounter action! Fun! Funny how sitting at an airport alone w/ a coffee and a book = heavenly!

XO - d2

Some of my latest faves:

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