Friday, October 15, 2010

My Latest Obsessions

I love trumpette socks. I love giving them as gifts. So adorable. Love this little halloween set of socks. Cute. We received these adorable argyle trumpette socks.

I bought a pair of these city flats from Gap. LOVE them. I'm always looking for comfortable flats. These rock and the price tag is fab. And wow, what an outcry when they tried to change the logo - it is now back to the original.

These Lightning Bolts are cute - turn your little one's shoes into superhero shoes!

Confetti is fun. Just think about all the fun things you could do with this confetti garland!

Do you ever have a fabulous meal at a restaurant but just want to pass out in a food coma on the table next to you? Well, the restaurant Longman & Eagle brilliantly came up with a solution - 6 rooms above the restaurant to sleep. Interesting idea. I have not been to Longman & Eagle yet but would love to check it out - Esquire named it one of the top 20 new restaurants for 2010. Epic in Chicago was also listed. We have a few things to check out soon!

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