Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Van" Confessions

Monday evening I was in the car with the gals and George. We were in the car driving back from visiting their cousins that live about an hour away. I know how these (longer distance) car rides go - "How much longer until we are home?" and then again about 5 minutes later I get the same question. However, Cate now loves when I use the GPS to get home because she can read how much time we have left (on the screen) - which she then relays to Margaret.

I was in the zone driving and not really paying attention to Cate and Margaret's conversation in the back. I tuned in when I heard the following conversation:

"The 'F' word is really bad, you cannot say it," Margaret stated to Cate.
"I KNOW," said Cate.

AHHH. YIKES. I immediately tuned in to hear what 'F' word she was referring to.

"You cannot say the word FAT. Unless you are saying something is Fat Free." Margaret stated matter of factly. I almost burst out laughing. I honestly thought the four letter 'F' word was going to come out of her mouth (thank goodness it did not). I chuckled to myself because awhile ago I had spoken to both of them and told them that they cannot use the word 'fat' to describe a person. I explained to them that it was not polite to describe someone as such. I was laughing even harder because Peter is always saying, "really, you had to buy the fat free version of this/that." the clear as I really didn't want to talk to them about the other 'F' word.

The conversation continued as such. "And Mom says we cannot say the 'S' word," Margaret relayed to Cate.

AHHHH. Yikes. Sh*t. And just when I thought I was in the clear.

"We cannot call someone skinny, but we can say 'skinny cow'" - OMG, I was laughing even harder now because yes, I did talk to them about not calling people skinny, but the fact that she was talking about my 'skinny cow' ice cream sandwiches (that I refer to as 'adult desserts') was pretty hilarious.

Good. I didn't have to figure out how to tell them what the four letter 'F' word meant nor did I have to wonder where they heard the 'F' word or the 'S' word. In the clear for the time being!

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