Friday, November 5, 2010

My Latest Obsessions

Happy Friday! The temps are starting to drop a bit and now that chill is in the air. Time to bust out the coats! My mom JuJu was in town and she left Monday - slightly depressed as it was so much fun having her around (she loved seeing George and the gals and it was nice to have those evening chats with her after the kiddos went to bed). Until next time!

After the temps drop a bit I begin my fall/winter evening ritual = mug of hot chocolate. YUM!

CUTE gifts to keep your loved ones warm!

I saw this vest in Daily Candy's Editor's Wish List and immediately thought of my mom. She shops at Double D Ranchwear. Doesn't this vest look SUPER WARM and cozy. If only I was heading to AZ for the holidays!

My laptop seems to be on its last leg and lately I have been thinking about the I-Pad. Wouldn't this be a great case for it?

I'm digging this side chignon for the holidays.

Cute gingerbread men wrapping paper for the holidays!

Free People just launched a line called Wee People. Cute.

Lately I have been in "year" review mode (especially as we approach our 1 year wedding anniversary) and remembering that this time last year we were in major wedding mode. Sometimes I wish I kept a journal so when I get in "year" review mode I could look back a year and see what I was doing/thinking/feeling at the time. So, I looked back to my post from about a year ago - so fun!

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