Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Latest Obsessions

Happy Thursday! I'm going to be running around tomorrow so I thought I would post my Friday Faves a day early.

OMG, crazy to think that Sunday is our 1 year anniversary! I cannot believe it! Time flies. It was such a wonderful weekend - I loved our rehearsal dinner (still have dreams about the "monkey" bread) and the wedding was exactly what we had hoped for! And I will always LOVE my dress. And yes, I wish I was heading off to another 10 day vacation with Peter...that was fantastic!

Lots going on...Sunday is our anniversary and we happen to be hosting a dinner party for our dear friend Val and her fiance James (who are in from London) along w/a bevy of fun folks from the city. Next week we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house. My Dad and Bonnie are making the trip out here - should be fun! They haven't seen GMC since he was about 5 weeks old - they are in for a "smiley" treat! George is "babbling" away and the gals are loving "chatting" with him.

Some of my faves...

First, one of GMC's latest faves = his friend Sophie the Giraffe. See pic above. He is IN LOVE.

Ummm, adorable Prince William is now officially engaged to Miss Kate Middleton. Everyone loves a royal wedding. Just before this was announced I read the article in Vanity Fair about the two of them (they seem very normal and cute together). Nice work Prince W.

Stella McCartney did a line for Gap and it was so popular that she started her own clothing line for kiddos. Very cute stuff!

This would be a fun skirt for all those holiday parties!

I'm always looking for ways to spice up an ordinary outfit or some of my staples. LOVE these shoe clips from Super cute.

I think I found the perfect Christmas present for my mom (don't look JuJu!).

Dwell Studio just came out w/custom wallpaper for kiddos. How fun! I love all the great patterns. You can change the scale of the patterns = perfect! On Dwell's blog I found this great post on Thanksgiving - love the festive decor!

I LOVE creative people - especially those that take what they are passionate about and do something w/it. This esty site Pocketful of Posies is a friend of a friend's new endeavor. Pretty cute stuff. Check it out.

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Sam said...

Thank you so much for your mention of my etsy site! That was very kind of you. I spoke with Kori this week and she had so many incredible things to say about you! I am excited to look through your blog- very fun list of obsessions! Thank you again!


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