Friday, January 14, 2011

My Latest Obsessions (or my LATEST FIND)

Checklist (by PFC)

So, my latest fave happens to be something that I found in the front seat of our car after my birthday weekend. I'm a HUGE fan of checklists - they get me through the day and keep me organized! I always have been someone that carried around a little notebook (or now, I use the "memo" function on my phone) so that I can jot something down immediately (for fear of forgetting!). Love lists!

So, low and behold Monday during my usual morning routine with the kiddos I found the above pictured checklist lying on the passenger side of the van! I had to take a picture of it. Too cute! PFC made the checklist last Saturday birthday for him and the girls. The girls too are really into lists. And the checklist listed some of my faves...

  • Wake Up. Now, while they all woke up I slept in. PFC asked what I wanted to do on my bday during the day. First on my list = sleep IN! Such a luxury these days.
  • Make Cards. Peter and the girls know how much I love cards/stationery (and the written word).
  • Get Present. They got me an IPad which I LOVE. So fun.
  • Pick up Cake. Ummm, have you ever had Portillo's chocolate cake? Believe me, the calories are worth it! I mentioned once how much I LOVE (and try to dislike at the same time...) this cake! Ummm, the cake mysteriously disappeared by Monday. 
  • Potbelly's. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have loved Potbelly's ever since my days in Lincoln Park living with my sister. We frequented the original one all the time.
  • Right before Peter/I left for the evening they all sang Happy Birthday and we cut into the yummy chocolate cake. We then headed to The Bristol for dinner. We had not been back there since our rehearsal dinner over a year ago. It was just as fabulous as I remember...SO GOOD. Their menu is fab. We had the following: Monkey Bread (OMG, so amazing, dill butter and sea salt...need I say more); raviolo (w/ricotta, egg yolk, brown butter...umm YUM); roasted half chicken (sounds boring but oh so good); grass fed beef (leaner than usual beef and so tasty).

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