Friday, January 7, 2011

My Latest Obsessions

Happy New Year!! Wow. 2010 was such an amazing year and I'm looking forward to another fun-filled and busy 2011! A few close friends are having babies and some are getting hitched - which always makes for an exciting year!

So, Elvis and I share one thing in common = a birthday! I'm quietly celebrating with PFC on Saturday at The Bristol where we held our rehearsal dinner. We haven't been back since that night and we both fell in love with the food and atmosphere. I'm looking forward to catching up with PFC as it has been such a whirlwind from Thanksgiving to Christmas! Anytime someone talks about the "craziness" of the holiday season Peter loves to belt out the first few lines of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and it had gotten to the point where I can hear it coming the moment someone mentions being frazzled/stressed or just plain exhausted from shopping/holiday parties, etc.

Some of my latest faves...
I might have to try one of these innovative sippy cups for little "GMC" (or "Georgie Porgie" as I seem to call him these days) in a few months. Interesting...the new sippy features a valve-free straw with a weighted end that allows babies to drink with ease from most any angle.

My youngest sister sent me the book Clean by Dr. Alejandro Junger the same day that I was reading Gwenyth's GOOP post on the program. I wonder if that means I need to check it out!!! Most people seem to list getting fit / eating better / sticking to a workout routine on their New Year's Resolution list. Gotta love how the gym is SUPER crowded for several weeks at the beginning of the new year.

Mini Boden is having such a fabulous sale. Unfortunately, I got to it too late and many of the items I wanted on sale were already sold out. But check it out - such great stuff and awesome prices too!

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