Friday, January 21, 2011

My Latest Obsessions

Cate's Cake (designed by Margaret)
Happy Friday! Wow, I feel like it has been a long week (even though it was a short one due to being MLK day on Monday). However, when you have 3 January birthdays in one household you are kept quite busy! I share a birthday with Elvis on the 8th and Cate's birthday was yesterday (see pic above). And we still have one to go (Miss Margaret turns 5 on the 31st) and we held her party with her school friends this past Monday. So, needless to say, there have been lots of cakes/cupcakes/candles floating about around here!

Some of my latest faves...
Speaking of birthdays - I immediately think of my love affair with cards/stationery. I stumbled upon this Art + Design: Letterpress Love post on Chronicle Books Blog. I may just have to get this book on letterpress that they mentioned. My friend Taryn (of sage & style) just did a give away with Dutch Door Press (one of the letterpress lines that is mentioned in this post's list of favorites).

I love simple wardrobe pieces that have just a little something that make them stand out (and make them anything but simple). And this adorable embellished tank top fits the bill (and makes me think of summer, the sun, and flip flop weather!).

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention how much I LOVED Michelle Obama's Alexander McQueen dress that she wore to Wednesday's state dinner.

One of the C and M's latest faves...
The girls received the Sound of Music DVD for Christmas this year. And OMG, they are OBSESSED. They are totally digging this old classic. I've found myself humming along to them singing Do-Re-Mi. For Cate's birthday she was able to present/share something with her class. She decided to tell the class all about her new favorite movie. She and PFC worked together to come up with 10 sentences/scenes to describe the movie and then she passed out kazoos and told her classmates to "Now, go ahead and make some music." It was a hit!

My Favorite Quote of the Week:
(Margaret) Mom, Georgie is kind of like a potato.
(Me) Ummm, why is that Margaret?
(Margaret) Well, his head kind of looks like a potato because he doesn't have any hair.
This totally made me laugh and think of the old school potato heads!

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