Friday, December 23, 2011

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The Kiddos
M and C

Chilling in the backyard

Happy Friday and the eve of Christmas Eve! WOW, I've been living on COFFEE all week - lots of wrapping / holiday card stuffing / a caroling party / holiday programs for the gals at school / cookie baking, etc. Tis the season! Tonight we are off to an early dinner at Perennial Virant and then a holiday party downtown. Tomorrow we are heading to the Lake for Christmas Eve with all of the aunts/uncles/cousins and then off to PFC's parents on Christmas day. I will dearly miss my sisters who will be with my Mom/JuJu in AZ. Maybe they will photoshop me in this year (like they did last year!).

Our holiday card finally dropped and above are some of the pics we used. So cute! These pics were taken by our friend Alma and here is her post regarding the shoot. The gals and Georgie loved hanging w/her! It is amazing how quickly they grow up.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! And for those of you that are celebrating Hanukkah - Happy Hanukkah! M's favorite song these days is "I have a little Dreidel" and she said that if Santa happens to bring her the American Girl Doll Rebecca (who is Jewish) that next year we can celebrate Hanukkah w/her.

Some of my latest faves...
  • PFC's cousin Julie recently had a double lung transplant. Julie is an amazing young woman - an inspiration for all. Check out the surprise she received last PM. And see if you can spot C (front and center in the baby blue coat and Santa hat) and M. A very special Christmas for the D'Agostino family this year. CMC is on cloud nine right now that she was on TV!
  • Red Velvet Christmas Cupcakes = YUMMY! And maybe something fun to do over winter break.
  • Reindeer Candy Canes - I'm saving this idea for next year. Too cute!
  • I'm digging this vintage cupcake tin. It would be the perfect hostess gift - w/homemade cupcakes to boot. Love it!
  • Lovely lace doily glass plates.
  • What a rustic chic getaway = an elegant country home in SC. I could totally snuggle in there for the next two weeks - no prob!
  • I so HEART The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. I watched her Christmas special the other day. I would love to hang w/her in her kitchen one day. She made some yummy looking cinnamon rolls and gave them out as gifts this year. She wrapped them in bandana hankerchiefs - ADORABLE. Here are some great hankerchiefs to use as wrapping. I made a bunch of Cookie Mixes this year and we passed them out to neighbors/teachers/friends. They turned out super cute! We bought some personalized labels and called them Carr Cookies!
  • After the fact I thought of the perfect gift to give my youngest sister = Gift Subscription to Birchbox. Maybe for her bday in March!
  • Cute booties at a great price.
  • Vintage card jotters = such a fun project (and would make adorable gifts).
Again, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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