Friday, December 30, 2011

My Latest Obsessions

M in her pink cowgirl hat (a pic I found when scrolling thru my cell...must have been taken by CMC)

Another pic I found in my phone...looks like Georgie doesn't want to put on M's pink cowgirl hat!
Happy Friday! And Happy Eve of the Eve! Wow, I feel like I need a month to recover from this past month of holiday craziness. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And now the gals birthdays (mine included) in January and to a fresh start in 2012.

Tonight I'm heading down to Maude's Liquor Bar to catch up with a good friend of mine over dinner. Excited as I've never been to this spot and it is always on all the Hot Lists around town. And then tomorrow PFC/I are heading to a dinner party for NYE. I'm making and bringing these yummy Almond Florentine and Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches for dessert. I'm cheating a bit and picked up the cookies from a bakery and using Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip ice cream (instead of making my own). But honestly, nothing beats Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip - it is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Excited to make these (and more excited to try them) = YUMMY!

And then next Tuesday we are heading down to American Girl for a lunch date w/PFC's Aunt, my sister in law and my niece. They are EXTREMELY excited for their outing as they received American Girl dolls for Christmas.

Some of my latest faves...
  •  I love manicured nails. They make me feel more put together when I'm running around in workout clothes all day w/the kids. I thought I would be a little festive this NYE (in terms of nail color) and I did a variation of these Nude + Glitter Nails. C and M watched me paint my nails last night. They were in awe. They of course LOVED the gold sparkles and said that when I grow up I should work in a salon. I laughed...
  •  And what are you doing for NYE? Check out my girl crush Zoe w/her song "What are you Doing for New Year's Eve?" And Joe Gordon-Levitt is a cutie too.
  • A little teaser from TOMS = Spring 2012 ballet flats. They look adorable.
  • Karma (continued...)'s post about Slow the Circle Down really resignated w/me, especially when reviewing the past year and thinking about 2012. Her post led me to another posted entitled The Gift I Wish for Most (so true).
  • My favorite holiday card this year was from a dear friend who used Rifle Paper Co. to make a custom illustrated card. It turned out super cute and they included a pic inside of their latest love = their little guy. And how cute are these coasters - they would make a perfect hostess gift.
Overhead in the car this morning:
C: I cannot wait until Saturday. Our family tradition for New Year's Eve is to bang pots and pans to ring in the New Year.
M: Oh fun. I remember doing that last year!
C: Margaret, do you know what 'tradition' means?
M: Of course I do.
C: Are you sure you know what it means. I'll tell you.

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