Friday, October 5, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

GMC's fave = eating breakfast w/ his pal Elmo

Happy Friday! Wow, the temps have DROPPED. But I gotta say I honestly love fall in Chicago. So pretty. I don't mind the cooler temps. Time to layer up.

Lots going on this weekend. We have the girls first swim meet of the fall/winter season tomorrow morning. And tonight I'm heading out w/ some gals as one of our friends is moving soon. We have dinner plans at Paris Club and then who knows where we'll end up. And then Saturday night we are hosting a dinner party for a group of 12 (PFC's college buddies and their spouses). FUN! And here is a fabulous guide for how much food/drinks to serve at a party. And Sunday I'm hoping to snuggle in and catch up on some reading.

Some of my latest faves:
  • OMG. I'm kind of obsessed w/ these crystal bulbs. They are so lovely. LOVE them (but not their price tag). Wouldn't they be pretty in a grouping. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 
  • LOVE these tea towels. My fave = the bows
  • I made these yummy Santa Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers last evening for dinner. Delicious and so healthy. I doubled up on the jalapenos to give it a little more kick! 
  • I'm TOTALLY loving Ray Romano's performance in Parenthood this season. Love him. And I kind of want him to end up w/ Sarah Braverman (yes, she is engaged but I think that this might be a better fit). He is endearing and she can get him to warm up. And seriously, when Peter/I have any serious conversations w/ the girls I think we need to call upon the writers of Parenthood. Jasmine's talk w/ her little guy was perfect. And here is some of this week's fashion from the show. 
  • PFC/I officially started watching Season 1 of Modern Family and we LOVE it. I love all 3 couples. Hilarious. I now understand the hype! We are flying through the episodes and soon we'll be caught up. 
  • I sent my youngest sister a care package awhile back and I think she is due for another one. How FAB is this one?! Everyone likes getting mail or packages in the mail! 
  • This article is great - The Last Time. LOVED it. Makes you want to slow down. GMC started crying a few nights ago around 10:30 pm. Peter went upstairs to check on him. I was secretly hoping that he would bring him downstairs. He did. I laid him on my chest and snuggled w/ him. Reading that article made me think about when those little snuggles will end. 
  • Nutella Krispie Treats = brilliant. YUM-O! 
  • Chivalry Isn't Dead = LOVE this. And doesn't Dita Von Teese look amazing?! 
  • Cute Peter Pan collar shirtdress. Love the color. And how exciting - Madewell has arrived at Oakbrook.  
  • This Deep-Dish Pumpkin Meringue Pie looks so delicious. YUM! 

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