Sunday, April 4, 2010


I will be honest, I truly do not like to eat Peeps (too sugary for my taste). But I will say they are quite an adorable addition to treats (for kiddos).

A few weeks ago we welcomed a new baby boy cousin into the family so we decided to make "baby blue" frosted cupcakes in his honor. We were at the grocery store and we bought some yellow peeps to put on top - they turned out super cute. Little did I know that there were so many fun things you could do with peeps - kids love them (they make a yummy cupcake even more fun to eat!).
So then for Easter we decided to make fruit shish kabobs for the kids and their cousins (in lieu of fruit salad) and used blue, pink and yellow peeps on top. We even practiced "patterns" (as Cate has been learning about about patterns this year in kindergarten) with the fruit that we used (bottom to top: 1 green grape / 1 pineapple cube / 1 green grape / 2 swiss cheese cubes / 1 grape / 1 strawberry / 1 peep). We used a 10 inch bamboo stick and it worked out well. Maybe our next "Peep" creation will be a Sunflower Cake for spring. The ideas are endless!

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