Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick Thinking "Tooth Fairy"

Cate has already lost two teeth (her front bottom teeth). She lost her first tooth in late October and it was such an exciting event! 5 gold coins later she was telling everyone about her "tooth fairy" experience. So, fast forward to yesterday when she lost her 3rd tooth. Peter had been trying to "help" her pull this one out as it was starting to stick out a bit! Well, she lost her tooth at school and was beaming when I came to pick her up. She was so excited and couldn't wait until the morning to get her note and quarter from the tooth fairy. 

Well, low and behold I had the "tooth fairy" on my mind all day (made a mental note not to forget to run upstairs and leave her a note and a quarter when she was sound asleep under her pillow in exchange for her tooth). 

6:00 am this morning I hear Cate upstairs yelling down, "Mom, the tooth fairy forgot to COME." Sh*t, UGH, Sh*t, as I completely spaced in the midst of getting ready last night to leave for our trip to AZ (as I had fallen asleep on the couch and then gone to bed late). YIKES. Think fast. I called up, "No honey, she didn't forget, I'm SURE that she left you a note at the breakfast room table - because she hasn't been to our temporary house yet...I bet she knew you would be coming downstairs for breakfast before school." "Oh, okay!" YIKES. I scrambled to put together a note...and found a quarter and placed them at her place setting - seconds before she arrived. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, you were right, she did come." 

The note read: 
Dear Cate, 
Congratulations on losing your 3rd tooth! I wasn't sure which bedroom was yours since you are not in your house. I know you always have breakfast before school. I would like you to keep your tooth this time. I know your dad hasn't seen it yet and you can surprise him with it in Arizona. 

Love, The Tooth Fairy

"Oh my gosh, MOM, the Tooth Fairy wants me to keep my tooth so we can show Daddy. She is so smart, how did she know that Daddy is not here?" (Phew...all good). She was so excited that the Tooth Fairy was oh so thoughtful about having her keep her tooth. (THANK GOODNESS). 

Alas, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, thank goodness as that would have been a bummer to try to get out of that one! 

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