Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Tooth Fairy...

Cate lost her first tooth last Friday morning. We were all so excited for her! Poor Margaret was quite jealous - as she still has some time before she loses her first tooth. I remember how exciting it was to lose a tooth and wait for the tooth fairy to come. I had a special little box that I put my tooth/teeth in and put under my pillow. 

Peter and I were laughing as we tried to figure out the appropriate amount to put under her pillow. Peter remembers getting a quarter and I remember getting a dollar. Peter settled on 5 gold dollar coins. Cate LOVED the coins. She brought them to school with her yesterday and showed all her friends. And she ran straight upstairs and put them back in her jewelry box. So cute. Being around Cate and Margaret brings me back to the simple things in life. Pure joy they get from the little things.   

I was a bit curious about the history of the Tooth Fairy. I found a few articles that talked about where the tooth fairy came from. 

Do you remember when the tooth fairy visited you? How much did you receive? 

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Stylebird said...

I remember getting a tape of Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer. My tooth fairly was a little bit "rock + roll."

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