Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween is OVER...

Halloween is over! Peter was a cowboy - Margaret was Cinderella for her school parties and Sleeping Beauty for Trick or Treating - Cate was Snow White and I was Snow White as well. We had a great weekend - but I think we are all exhausted. Halloween started last Thursday with parties at school and ended Saturday night. We have such a great neighborhood for Trick or Treating. The girls LOVE it! We went trick or treating with all of their cousins on Peter's side and then ended up at his parents place for dinner. So fun. 

However, I'm glad Halloween is over. Sugar highs are now at a minimum. I think Peter and I are looking forward to our honeymoon more than ever. Life has been super busy lately and we are ready for a break! So excited. 

19 more days until we get married. So exciting!! 21 days until we are in Cap Juluca and Little Dix Bay (has anyone been to either spots?). Warm weather here we come!! I cannot wait to sleep in - and not worry about a schedule. 

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