Saturday, October 17, 2009

Girl Crushes

Okay, so I'm sure everyone has had a girl crush at one point in her life. They are harmless. The New York Times even wrote an article about it called "She's So Cool, So Smart, Must be a Girl Crush." I've always had girl crushes - a gal that I have thought was impeccably dressed, super smart, creative, savvy and hilarious! Peter finds my crushes humorous and cute. My first girl crush was my mom (see pic) - she is beautiful, smart, super stylish and very talented and passionate about her career. She ROCKS! 

There are a few blogs that I read on a daily basis. A Cup of Jo is one of them. The writer, Joanna, is super cute and I love reading her posts. I almost feel like I know her. She is clever, smart, stylish and she and her husband are adorable. 

When I booked my wedding planner Peter started laughing when I purchased the "Best Friend" package. He knew I had a girl crush on Katie our fabulous wedding planner of Dettagli Weddings. We met at Starbucks and I was immediately smitten - she was a doll. I loved her style and knew that we would get along fabulously. And she loves details more than I do! Who better to talk to about your wedding than your "Best Friend." 

So, come on, tell me about your GIRL CRUSH! You know you have had one...


Jenn said...

Great post. Who has NOT had a girl crush? If we're talking celebrities, I had one on SJP and her character, Carrie, in SATC. And, lots more in the real world. Most recently, my meditation teacher, Jillian. It was love at first sight. Haha! We fall in love with people because they are a self-reflection (generally, I think it's that they are more fully expressing a smaller part of ourselves that we want to express further). You love that? Oh, me too!! :)

Red Velvet said...

Jenn - For sure! Agree w/your comment 100%. I have had many real life crushes! I just didn't want to truly embarrass anyone that is reading! Ha! And yes, CARRIE from SATC for sure. You are right about the crush being about something we want to further express. Right on.

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