Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Really, are the 80s back?

I was sitting down to dinner with Cate and Margaret last night and wondered if any of their items/clothes/trends will be something that they look back upon and say "OMG, what was I thinking." I laugh because many times I catch them asking myself or Peter if their outfit is "cute." 

Ummm, and now apparently the 80s are totally back (the NY Times wrote an article about the fact that the 80s are back). It got me thinking about some of those trends that I tried (and now look back in utter horror) in the 80s. My favorite online store Shopbop has a blog - and one of their posts discusses the 80s
And then the lovely 90s (not much better). 
What are some of your fashion disasters from different decades? PLEASE share! 

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