Monday, October 5, 2009

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Peter is off to Vegas with his high school friends for his bachelor party. I think it is hilarious that this decision was made after we saw "The Hangover." I had mine in August and all my college friends came to Chicago for the weekend. We had a blast - nothing like a GIRLS WEEKEND! My friends planned the perfect weekend - spa, great food, good times and lots of laughs. 

Where did bachelor and bachelorette parties originate? It sounds like the bachelor party originated in the late 1800s. A quote from poet Percy Shelley testifies to the spirit of a time period when the newly-married often enough did abandon their less-respectable comrades: "When a man marries, dies, or turns Hindu, his best friends hear no more of him," Shelley lamented in a letter. One article states that the "The Bachelorette party is not only a send-off for the guest-of-honor, but a celebration of female bonding and treasuring those friendships that got us to where we are today." In the UK they call bachelorette parties Hen or Stagette Parties. Check out this "Hen Party" video. Pretty funny. 

I do feel that my bachelorette party was a celebration of female bonding and treasuring those relationships. My bachelorette party attendee list was made up of my core group of gals from college and my best friend from high school and some close friends that I have made during my time in Chicago. 

Well, from Sassy and Single I go - to Marvelous and Married (in 44 days)! 

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