Wednesday, October 14, 2009


is inevitable - for sure. Philosopher Heraclitus said "Nothing endures but change."

Yesterday morning I had breakfast with two good friends. Over omelets and pancakes we discussed the many changes all of us have gone through in the last two years. Sometimes I forget that I used to live downtown on my own - as opposed to now where I live in the suburbs with two adorable little girls and my soon to be husband. All three of us have gone through our own changes in the last two years as well - one is in a serious relationship and we are waiting to see how things unfold and the other one has gotten married, moved to a new city and had a baby. WOW. Lots of changes all around. Time flies. 

2 years ago: 
I lived in Lincoln Park with a great place overlooking the park and worked downtown. I took the bus to work and used cabs to get around on the weekends. I NEVER cooked. I NEVER grocery shopped. I usually ate all of my meals at work (we had an amazing fully stocked kitchen). Weekends consisted of meeting up with good friends and seeing my sister and her husband. I read books all the time and my time was my own.  

I live in River Forest with 2 little girls and my soon to be husband. I panicked the first time I walked into the grocery store here (it was HUGE). Much larger than the corner markets I used to frequent. I now drive a mini-van (yes, a mini-van). I stay at home with Cate and Margaret and attempt to cook! Do I miss the city and parts of my old life - yes, of course I do. Believe me, I've had my share of meltdowns (for sure!). But bottom line, I'm happier than I've ever been. 

Changes all around. 
I have seen many good friends get married this year and I was also in a wedding this fall. My middle sister was married this past summer in a beautiful ceremony in Prescott, AZ. Two friends from college recently announced that they are pregnant. We are all so excited for them. A good friend of mine is having baby number 2 on Friday (and now they will be a gorgeous family of 4). 

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