Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Honeymoon

So, lately all I can think about is our HONEYMOON (and our wedding day)! I'm so excited. For us, our honeymoon will be one of the first times we are going away (alone and without the girls) and for ourselves (and not a wedding / family trip, etc.). We have taken a weekend together here and there but dating someone with kids is another ball game.  You cannot just on a whim head to Napa or somewhere fun - trips need to be more thought out. 

We had the following criteria for our honeymoon: somewhere warm / somewhere not too far away as we are only going for 10 days / someplace chill/relaxing / place with excellent service. We talked with one of the gals at Jet Set World Travel and she mentioned a few places that were on my (our) list. We decided on Cap Juluca and Jumby Bay - only later to find out that Jumby Bay was going to be closed for a bit longer due to some damage. So now we are heading to Cap Jaluca and then on to Little Dix Bay. I cannot WAIT! 36 MORE DAYS and we will be basking in the sun. 

Above is a pic from a trip we took to Costa Rica (Peninsula Papagayo) last February. It was AMAZING. We had a taste of what our trip will be like - basking in the sun and amazing dinners! 

Where did "honeymoons" originate? I found a few different sources. Interesting. However they came about...I'm thrilled by the idea of 10 days of SUNSHINE, fun, relaxation, massages, amazing dinners and sleeping in! 

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Kim said...

DeeDee-I love your blog! Looks like life has done a 180 for you since the last time I saw you! Best wishes for a wonderful wedding!! Kim

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