Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our First Song

46 Days to GO!

So, Peter has put together a list of options for our First Song (he has them all in a spreadsheet - hilarious). We haven't decided on our song yet. Below is our compiled list - we have had a blast playing them the last few nights! So fun. Some are a bit more difficult to dance to - that is for sure!

I know my favorites but would love to hear from all of you! Send a comment or VOTE to the right of this post. (Umm...Peter doesn't know that I listed out these songs - so SHHH!).

Drift Away by Doby Gillis
My Sweet Love by Joe Panzetta (one of Peter's good friend's from college)
Harvest Moon by Neil Young
Into the Mystic by Van Morrison
Into your Arms by Lemonheads
Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Beach Boys
What Light by Wilco
Woman by John Lennon
You Send Me by Sam Cooke
Songbird by Eva Cassidy/Fleetwood Mac
Let Your Love Flow by Bellamy Brothers


mep said...

We danced to the Elvis song! They're all great choices!

kvdales said...

They're all great! The Landon Pigg song reminds me of you the most. We had so much fun picking ours and dancing in the living room to "test" them.

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