Friday, October 2, 2009


Saturday night we had Peter's 25th Bearcat (grade school) reunion. Most of his formerclassmates live in the Chicagoland area however, a few live out of town. For instance, one of his best friends, Sarah Burke Man (in pic above) lives in New Jersey. She is a doll. 

I love reunions of all kinds. You get to reconnect, relive old stories and chat about where you are today. My college buddies live all over the US and one lives in London and we have several "reunions" every year (usually due to someone getting married, etc.). Unlike Peter, I did not grow up in one town so I do not have friends from age 5 and up. My family moved around several times and my core group of friends stem from college (and my best friend from high school). I don't have the layer upon layer of folks effect = "tom went to high school with jill's brother's cousin's girlfriend's sister who is now married to tom's sister's best friend's boyfriend from college). A true life example of Six degrees of Kevin Bacon = Peter. It was fun to hear people talk about Peter from age 5 until now - sounds like not much has changed - was adorable and "salt of the earth" then and is still adorable.

I look at the girls and think about the fact that they will be growing up with the kids in their class - and someday they will be attending their own reunions. And I'll get to chat with them about their classmates and find out what all of them are doing. It will be an exciting journey!

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