Friday, August 13, 2010

My Latest Obsessions

I LOVE the image above (great colors). Happy Friday! George is 2 weeks old today. Amazing to think that 2 weeks ago at this time we had just met little "GMC" because now I cannot imagine life without him.

I love this pillow that my friend Cynthia Espy dropped off the other day for GMC (from her company Amenities Home Design)! ADORABLE. Pillow reads, "Party in my room 2 AM." And a little birdie (my mom JuJu) relayed to her the nursery colors. How perfect! Check out all the quotes - my fave = "Wear cute pajamas to bed - you never know who you might meet in your dreams."

My youngest sister forwarded me this article on Designer Diapers. Pretty hilarious.

A friend of mine turned me on to Pint Size Social - pretty cute online mag. Yesterday's post was about Bake it Pretty. I may need to try to make these Quiche Enfant - sounds YUMMY! And how fun to serve them in these fun baking cups! Love these pink peacock baking cups. Cute.

A friend of mine from the gym (we share a love of Anthropologie / blogs / working out) dropped off some AMAZING (divine and so YUMMY) snicker brownies the other day in honor of George. I read about these amazing brownies on her blog (that she and her daughter co-author). OMG - talk about FAB! The entire pan was gone in less than 2 days!

My youngest sister Carrie was here for a few days visiting and she introduced me to Yogi Tea's Egyptian Licorice Tea - love it! Carrie fell in LOVE with George (which was so cute to see - and she took tons of pics - check them out).

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