Thursday, August 12, 2010

What I have learned...

George is now 2 weeks old (amazing how time flies)! It has been an amazing two weeks - filled with lots of learning experiences and lots of smiles/laughter and JOY. Wow - having a baby is such an amazing experience. During my pregnancy Peter was super excited for me to experience giving birth and having a baby (he said - from his experience - that there is nothing like it). I now look at Cate and Margaret differently and our entire little family with a new level of love.

Oh, the things I have learned these last 2 weeks:
  • MODESTY - goes out the window when in labor. I now laugh as I honestly didn't care who was in the room at that moment (you forget what is truly going on and that you are in a compromised position). I now laugh that the nervous 23 year old medical student was holding one of my legs while I was pushing (poor guy looked like he was about to pass out and me asking him questions about where he was from was not helping!). And it is hard to be modest about feeding your baby when their are a million workers still working on your house!
  • EPIDURALS are a godsend. I respect and appreciate woman that decide to give birth naturally but OMG - once I received the epidural everything was serene/chill/zen. LOVED it! It allowed me to truly enjoy the moments up until I met George.
  • FAMILY/GOOD FRIENDS - I feel so grateful that Peter's parents live down the street and that his siblings live close by as well. One of his sister's was so helpful in the beginning when I was struggling with breast feeding. And my mom and stepdad have been AWESOME - they flew in the Friday that George was born and helped us move that next day back in to our house the next day. And my mom (who has been our chief advisor throughout our renovation) has been our designing diva and has been putting the house back together! Little sister Carrie flew in from NYC and now adores George and had a hard time leaving. And friends have been incredible - w/their visits / calls / cute gifts for George and the girls / homemade dinners (YUMMY!) and just overall thoughtfulness.
  • BRIEFS - I've gotten over the fact that they are not sexy and secretly (or not so secretly) have grown to like them!

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