Monday, August 30, 2010

Fashion Advice - From a 4 yr old

Happy Monday! "GMC" is just over a month old (as he was 4 weeks old on Friday). He is starting to smile which is so much fun. We had a busy weekend - two 40th birthday parties - which George attended.

Margaret has always been into clothes, accessories, jewelry and shoes. The term "girly" doesn't do her justice. I can NEVER get her to wear shorts or pants - she will ONLY wear dresses or skirts. And she definitely has her own sense of style and knows what matches versus her sister who really doesn't care.

Margaret LOVES being with me when I'm getting ready in the morning or when I'm getting ready to go out. She is one of my biggest critiques and picks up on the smallest details (if I change out a belt or wear unique shoes). I find it hilarious and quite endearing. So, of course, Margaret was hanging out with me Friday early evening as I was scrambling to get ready for a party. In my mind I had mapped out what I was wearing and thought I had it all figured out. However, I was a bit too optimistic when I mentally had planned on wearing some jeans that are probably more on the "skinny" side. Margaret was with me when I tried them on. I heard, "Mom, I think those jeans are too small for you, they don't fit over your legs." Ummm - true, yes, did I want to hear that OUT loud = NO. I smiled as she then said, "Maybe you should wear a dress, dresses are much prettier than jeans anyways. And Mom, I think you should wear this necklace." I didn't pull out a dress but I did change into some other jeans that did fit (and I was already planning on wearing the necklace Margaret had suggested). I chuckled to myself as a friend of mine had talked about the "fourth trimester" that no one talks about - where you are not at your pre-pregnancy weight just yet (so some of your old clothes are still a bit snug while you don't want to wear your maternity clothes anymore!). Sorry, not all of us can be like Gisele and appear in a Victoria Secret lingerie 6 weeks after giving birth!

I will be excited to fit back into those particular jeans and I am certain that Margaret will notice them! Patience...

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