Monday, August 23, 2010

What I've Learned - Beating the CLOCK

Wow, it is crazy how time flies. George is already 3 weeks old (as of this past Friday)! I adore the little guy and Cate and Margaret cannot get enough of him.

I have been home with Cate and Margaret for a little over a year - and wow - I probably have learned more in one year (about myself / parenting) than I have ever learned. I'll never forget when I pulled out in the mini-van for the first time (or the first time I found myself LOVING the van for the sliding doors)!

I am always trying to beat the clock and squeeze as much as possible in to small increments of time. I remember driving downtown for my doctor appointments and trying to strategically find a parking spot that didn't require me the extra 5-7 minutes of time in the maze of a parking garage. Those extra 5 minutes matter (as I was racing to pick up Cate or Margaret from camp / school / a playdate). Now, I'm even more buckled to a schedule - as George feeds every two hours during the day (and he is like clockwork - literally on the dot he will start to fuss). My mind is always racing - 8 minutes to shower and get dressed / 7 minutes to get the girls out the door / 9 minutes to make mac and cheese / 5 minutes to stop at dunkin donuts / the list goes on and on!

Time management gives new meaning to the luxury of time! Lucky for me that my mind operates like a calendar.

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