Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Donuts with Dad

This morning Cate and Margaret had "Donuts with Dad" at school. So adorable. Precious. They were beyond excited to hang out with their dad. 

I think I fell more in love with Peter when I met his girls. The love and adoration that all three of them have for one another is beautiful. I loved watching the girls climb all over him like little monkeys. It was clear that all three of them loved one another enormously. 

I have found myself over the years doing something that my Dad used to do during our Sunday night dinners or anytime we would get together for a weekend or event. Upon prompting from my Dad at the end of the weekend or meal we told the group what our "highlight" was - in turn keeping those fun memories going strong a little bit longer. I love this idea. I have done it with Peter and with my friends. 

I don't remember if I had something like "Donuts with Dad" at my school but some of my favorite childhood memories are as follows: 
  • Going grocery shopping (one on one) with my Dad (don't know why but it was always so fun!). 
  • Riding bikes (and not just riding down the street) - we always had a destination in mind (the deli - where we had lunch or a treat). 
  • Sunday Night Dinners at his place (we always rotated out stir fry or a chicken dish) and he always had frozen yogurt for us. It was during these dinners that we went around to tell everyone our "highlight" of the week. 
Several weeks ago in my "Latest Obsessions" I featured Rules for my Unborn Son by Walker Lamond - which would be a cute gift for someone having a little boy. He even has a blog. And I love the Blogger Metro Dad's The Rules: 25 Life Lessons for my Daughter

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