Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Mom's Wedding Dress

I had my second wedding dress fitting last week and my little buddy Margaret was with me. She was in heaven - who wouldn't be - surrounded by so many beautiful dresses! I love my dress more and more. 

I thought back to when I tried on my Mom's wedding dress last spring when I was home. I have always heard her talk about her dress - as she made it herself. It took her months and months to make it - and she loved it. I had never seen it in person so we decided to unwrap it from the box that it had been in for 30 plus years. I was so nervous trying on her dress - as she was a mere 98 pounds when she got married! 

We took it out of its box and wow - it is GORGEOUS. I think a part of you always wonders if your daughter will wear your wedding dress. I know I think about it with my dress. My Dad's two sisters wore their mother's dress and then one of my Aunt's 2 daughters wore it as well. It is such a wonderful tradition. And my stepsister wore a dress that was in her husband's family. I love the idea of walking down the aisle wearing a dress that has been worn by your mother or your grandmother - so special. 

Obviously I decided on my own dress (which you will see pics of in 17 DAYS) but I wanted to share the experience of trying on my mom's dress. I loved it. And I love it even more knowing the hard work and time she put in to making it. She was taking a grad school tailoring class at the time and made the cardboard slopers which made the dress custom fit for her. She used peau de soie (duchess satin) and embroidered silk organza and hand sewed on lots of tiny seed pearls. 

Okay, so I'll give you a description of my dress (pics to come AFTER the wedding): 
Ivory silk organza scoop neck, fitted torso with net overlay with Alencon appliques, pleated tulle skirt accented with lace chapel train. I LOVE IT! 

Have any of you worn your mother's dress or a relative? Please tell! 

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Parker's Chauffeur said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your wedding dress! It sounds AMAZING!

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