Monday, November 16, 2009


Wow. So, 5 days until the wedding (we are in single digits here!). Peter and I went to The Bristol Saturday PM to check out the rehearsal dinner space. LOVED it by the way. We are super excited to have it there. 

Saturday PM we had a moment to ourselves and we just looked at one another - and said - really, has it only been a year and a half. Yes, it has. It has been one jam packed year and a half - full of lots of changes, full of wedding planning, and meeting new people. 

Reflections on this past year and a half: 
  • None of this would have been possible without open and honest communication between myself and Peter. That is for sure. 
  • I'm now less hard on myself than I was in the beginning (when I started watching the girls). Believe me, remembering my internal breakdown at the grocery store now makes me laugh. And many many WTF moments (and I know that those moments are not done). 
  • Schedules are key. We now have our schedule down pat (school, pick ups, drop offs, dinner time, bath time, bed time). When we are on schedule all of us are happy! 
  • Vans are not as bad as I originally thought! Cannot believe I'm saying this! 
  • Allow 10-15 minutes on either end of anything (when dealing with the girls). 
  • The girls remember EVERYTHING - so watch what you say and promise! 
  • Family means more to me than ever (this includes my family, Peter's family and the girls' mom's family). 
  • BE FLEXIBLE. This is a big one for me. Kids change everything. Schedules and priorities change once they are in the picture. 
  • I respect all parents on a whole new level. Parenting is rewarding yet also very challenging and often exhausting at times. 
  • I'm finally okay wearing my work out pants all day...(this took awhile). 
I'm sure I will continue to learn more about myself and my new family as I continue along this journey. There will be ups and downs and times of pain and times of pure JOY! 

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Parker's Chauffeur said...

Dee Dee be sure to post some pictures from the wedding! I have been reading about it so much that I can't wait to see the pictures with all the amazing details you have planned out. Love this post! Everything is so true!!! Now, wait until you have a baby it will make for some REALLY interesting post!!! Pregnancey too but, being pregnant is such an amazing thing! Weird but, amazing! I don't know why some women gripe about it! Babies are like a whole new crazy chapter :) I can't wait for there to be a little peter/deedee he/she will be sooooo fricken cute! Congrats on getting married soon!


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