Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday Night Dinner

Last night I made Stuffed Peppers (without rice) - and they were awesome! I was a bit stumped at the grocery store as I didn't know what crushed tomatoes were - but I knew that they would be in the section with the diced ones, etc. I almost went ahead and bought the diced ones thinking they would do - until I spotted them. I now see the difference. 

I was laughing as I was preparing the stuffed peppers - talk about multitasking. Simultaneously the following things were going on - I was helping Cate with her homework / making them dinner (of dino nuggets and strawberries) / talking with my mom on the phone about last minute wedding details / switching over the laundry - trying to time everything perfectly so that the girls would be in their bath while the peppers were in the oven. 

I can officially say that I'm SO READY for 10 days and relaxing alone with Peter. It has been one busy year and a half. Sometimes I forget how much has changed. I used to never even go grocery shopping - as most of my meals were eaten at work (we had a kick a** fully stocked fridge and pantry that I LOVED). 

15 DAYS TO GO!!! 

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