Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Latest Obsessions

NOTE: I'm making dinner tonight so my usual Thursday post featuring a recipe will be tomorrow. And my Friday Latest Obsessions is today! ENJOY. 

This is a hilarious video. A little MJ for their wedding and his bride. 

Love this line at Anthropologie. Gorgeous glasses and clothes. 

I heart this necklace from my favorite shop. I could live and breathe Anthropologie. Just ask my sister (as the two of us were there last week - just chilling on their couch - at times we think we live there). 

Okay, so I have a girl crush on Joanna Goddard of the blog A Cup of Joe and writer for Glamour. She is chic, funny and creative. Here are some pics from her fun wedding. I even stole a fun idea from her wedding for my own - which you will see later! I also love the post about her mother's advice. Very true! 

Love the typography on this wedding invitation suite. So beautiful. 

Wouldn't these party blowers be FUN to make? 

I used this nail color last week - love it. Such a fun fall color! 

There are a few blogs that I read on a daily basis. Snippet and Ink is one of them. I love Kathryn's posts and I admire her for one of her latest posts - where she is honest and open with her readers. Very brave. 

I've been added to Stepmother's Milk's Blog List. She wrote the book The Package Deal: My (not-so) Glamorous Transition from Single Gal to Instant Mom and the creator of the blogStepmother's Milk. BTW a good friend of mine sent me this book which ultimately inspired me to start blogging. 

And lastly, we picked out what song I'll be walking down the aisle to - Carolan's Concerto. LOVE IT! So pretty. 16 DAYS TO GO! Wahoo. 

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mep said...

I will check out the blogs you mentioned. I saw (but did not meet) Stepmother's Milk at the BlogHer conference this summer. I noticed her because she has great clothes and a great haircut, and when I spotted her nametag, I thought, "That's a really clever and cool name for a blog."

Enjoy your weekend and your final days as a "single" girl!

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